Destra Novedieci (karmabreeze) wrote in trek_junkies,
Destra Novedieci

Caribou, CO

After a bit of belonging here, it occurred to me that maybe I should actually post something. I don't do spectacular 14er hikes like ogonzoo, but I'm out having an outdoors "adventure" nearly every weekend. Sometimes it's a hike, sometimes it's a roadtrip, and occasionally it's something like today.

Today I made the drive up to the ghost town of Caribou, and the place was absolutely lovely. I'm guessing it was about 65°F up there (roughly 10,000 ft.), which was a welcome break from the 100°F temps we've been down in Denver metro. It was thundering the whole time I was there, but it was in the distance and the car was never out of sight, so I ran around in the meadow amongst the ruins until the storm finally chased me off the mountain.

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