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Travel: Sustainable Energy in Motion Bicycle Tour

Do you want to experience an out-of-the-ordinary vacation of a lifetime?

If you have answered "yes" to one or more of the following, here is your chance to join us. Plus, you could win a free one-week bike tour in return!

* Study and apply the philosophies of permaculture, alternative building, appropriate technology and sustainable energy.

* Through inspiring hands-on service projects with leaders of the global sustainability movement, contribute to the communities you visit.

* Participate in a traveling community of cyclists coming from a variety of backgrounds with a shared longing for a better world.

* Explore some of the most beautiful places in Oregon while learning about natural history, deep ecology, and environmental ethics.

* Observe local economics projects and grassroots democracy struggles in places through which you travel.

* Gain a deeper understanding of how organic food is grown and distributed by talking first hand with the people who raise the food.

* Spend time with Native American communities, work with salmon restoration and study indigenous building practices.

* Learn about nutrition, health and fitness through long-distance cycling while visiting beautiful public lands and gaining first-hand experience in low impact camping.

Tour Routes & Dates for 2006:

Oregon Coast Sustainability (1-week tour)

Oregon's world-renowned Coastal Scenic Bike Route follows legendary Route 101's twists and turns along the rustic bluffs
of the Oregon Coast. Along the way, we will visit organic farms,
a land trust, a visionary community school, and more.
June 3 - June 11
June 24 - July 2
July 29 - August 6
limited time offer: $375! *

Permaculture & Sustainability Tour (2-week tour)

Ride through the lush Willamette River Valley, home to innumerable wineries, fruit orchards, and beautiful scenery. Many, however, are not aware of the presence of the many progressive organizations with truly international repute, with whom we will be working and learning.
July 1 - July 16
August 5 - August 20
limited time offer: $750! *

Combined Coast + Permaculture (3-week tour)

Ride both the Oregon Coast Sustainability and the Permaculture & Sustainability tours for a full three week experience.
June 24 - July 16
July 29 - August 20
limited time offer: $1125! *

For more information, please visit:

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