dr robert p maloney (ogonzoo) wrote in trek_junkies,
dr robert p maloney

Longs Peak - Colorado 14,255 feet - Lat/Lon: 40.25N, 105.61W

started up longs peak via the keyhole route at 2am in the morning, head lamps and a partially full moon lit the way. climbed to an area known as the boulder field just in time to see the first crack of daylight creeping in over the horizon, the morning ushered in a few little fluffy clouds and a spectacle of colours blues, pinks and oranges. headed up to a spot known as the keyhole to finish off the spectacle and have some water. what is about water that makes water taste so good when in the mountains? as soon as there was enough light to make my way over the the next part called the ledges, crossed a couple of small glaciers along the long narrow ledge. eventually came to a shoot straight up the side of long peak known as the trough, 1000 feet of elevation will be made in less than a half mile, this by far was the hardest part of the entire trek but by far my favorite. with every step or pull i made the view kept getting better and better everything around me became so small and all my trivial little problems in life seemed to just float away. finally found myself at the top of the ridge at a small section called the narrows, much like the ledges except even more narrow and much higher. finally the home stretch, i kinda imagined something called the home stretch as something easily hiked, kind of a stroll to the summit but no no this was a steep 500 foot scramble to the top, one last up hill grunt up tons and tons of slick rock then a 360 degree plateau. spent a while on top. eat a sandwhich, drink some water and snap a few photos. the weather was amazing, very little wind and a bright sun beating down. i love unwinding on top of a moutain after such a long hike, laying down on a nice rock and just drifting maybe dozing off for a few minutes. you know the funny part about climbing is? as i am going up and up and up i never once think about the fact iam going to have to climb back down this... i hate going down. back at the keyhole you run into all the people who decided that longs peak was not for them, crashed out on the rocks in pain. it was a good day, a long long day. here are a coupl of photos you can click them to get a larger version. have fun.
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